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Tell me more about SelectionLeagues. How does the game work?

In SelectionLeagues, the goal is to build a fantasy portfolio of stocks or Cryptos and compete against other players. The player with the best-performing portfolio wins.

  1. Select a Market:
    Choose a market of your choice to participate in, such as US-TECH, CRYPTO-20

  2. Choose a Game:
    Select a game that suits your preferences based on criteria like the entry fee, prize pool guarantee, game duration, and start time.

  3. Build Your Portfolio:
    Add the stocks you believe will perform the best within the game's duration to your portfolio.

  4. Add Leverage (Optional):
    You have the option to add leverage to your chosen stocks. Leverage acts as a multiplier that boosts the performance of your selected stocks. For instance, if you apply 2x leverage to a stock, it will provide 2x returns based on its performance during the game. Keep in mind that leverage can amplify both positive and negative outcomes, so use it wisely.

  5. Confirm Your Submission:

    • Confirm your portfolio and submission by using the balance available in your wallet to pay the entry fee.

    • If you don't have enough funds, you can add money to your wallet to complete the submission.

    • You can always edit your submission prior to the game start. Once the game starts you will not be able to make any changes.

  6. Track the Game in Real-Time:

    • Follow the game's progress live as it unfolds. When the game concludes, the prize pool is distributed among the winning players, determined by the reward system.

    • Monitor your performance and that of your competitors through the real-time leaderboard, which provides updates on ROI (%) and rankings. Note that ROI updates in real-time, while the leaderboard refreshes every 5-10 seconds, potentially showing slight visual differences.

SelectionLeagues offer an exciting way to construct and manage your fantasy portfolio, apply leverage for potential gains, and compete against others for prizes in your chosen market. Enjoy the thrill of trading in a risk-free environment and test your investment strategies.

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© 2024, Rain Platforms Inc. All rights reserved.

© 2024, Rain Platforms Inc. All rights reserved.

© 2024, Rain Platforms Inc. All rights reserved.