ISIS Cryptocurrency Wallet Linked to Terrorist Attack in Moscow Oblast Uncovered by Media Outlets

Apr 1, 2024

The media outlet Vazhnye Istorii reported the discovery of a cryptocurrency wallet linked to the Tajikistan wing of the ISIS terrorist group Wilayat Khorasan, which was allegedly used to transfer payment for a terrorist attack in Moscow Oblast. According to the report, $2,525 was withdrawn from the wallet immediately after the attack, with suspects claiming to have received a similar amount on their cards. Vazhnye Istorii uncovered a network of Telegram chats indicating ties to Wilayat Khorasan, where supporters communicated in a mixture of Tajik, Russian, Farsi, and Arabic. The wallet, created on March 14, received multiple tranches totaling $2,525, which were withdrawn on the day of the attack and sent to a wallet associated with the ByBit exchange. While interrogations didn't reveal any connection with Ukraine, Russian security agencies are believed to possess the capability to trace the origin of the funds.