Ethena Labs Set to Become Highest Revenue-Generating Crypto Project, Says Delphi Labs CEO

Apr 3, 2024

José Maria Macedo, CEO of Delphi Labs and founding partner of Delphi Ventures, predicts that Ethena Labs will emerge as the highest revenue-generating cryptocurrency project in the market. According to Macedo, Ethena's synthetic dollar, sUSDe, is poised to offer the highest dollar yield in crypto at scale, with USDe projected to become one of the largest stablecoins outside of USDC/USDT by 2024. This bullish outlook follows Ethena's successful launch of USDe on the public mainnet on February 19, offering a 67% annual percentage yield (APY) and currently providing a 35.4% APY to over 118,000 users. The recent launch of the Ethena Labs airdrop on April 2, distributing $450 million worth of ENA tokens among eligible wallets, further reinforces Macedo's optimistic stance on the project's growth and revenue potential.